November 29, 2017

Good morning Mr Magpie. I see you are 37 cm tall and that is perfect. 

I've solved the problem of - 

what am I reading now?

and the problem of  - 

where did I put my book?

The solution is to read really large books and magazines, printed on paper.  The kind you open at a table, on the floor or in bed, enjoying the words and pictures. Like the big books from Nursery, but for adults.

May I recommend The Lost Words, by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris. Poems and illustrations by two masters.

And if you're more an indoor type, try Luncheon, the magazine for people with lots of time to spend looking at gorgeous photographs.

Well worth the £12 for the article on MFK Fisher by Robin Muir alone... also clocking in at 37 cm.

November 14, 2017

I've spent a few weeks writing when I'd rather be reading, but should be back on track soon. Did manage to fit in a visit to the History of Magic at the British Library and spotted some excellent Tintin street art near Brick Lane by @Muretz, as well as visiting two 'new to me' bookshops.

The fruits of my labour - studded with bookshop recommendations on Run Riot:

Run Riot: Lauren LaTulip on why you should take to the streets with Bluestocking Books

November 1, 2017

Step 2:  Be brave and buy it Some of the most rewarding reads are the smallest, or shortest.

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