January 17, 2019

No, not the Bookshop Brawl! I refuse to battle for that amazing vintage magazine in the box on the floor in the basement at Any Amount of Books. But maybe we could flip a coin for it?

Feeling a bit giddy as it is almost the Fourth Annual London Bookshop Crawl, when book bloggers and readers head to London... 

February 8th - 10th 2019 will see 80 of the capital's bookshops offering special events, discounts and perks to bookshop crawlers through Central and Greater London.

The event was founded by book blogger Bex Hughes who says "the idea of the London Bookshop Crawl is joy: celebrating the joy of books, the wonder of bookshops and the often unique experience of buying books with others who also love them and fully support the acquisition of far too many."

Book barge Word on the Water say "The London Bookshop Crawl is a fantastic opp...

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