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New York Bookshops

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Gallivanting in New York City - here are my top three picks chosen for their New Yorkness, good books and staff. All downtown Manhattan, so a complete itinerary.

The Mysterious Bookshop

Way down on mean Warren Street waits The Mysterious Bookshop. Collectible, new and secondhand mysteries, plus seriously knowledgable staff. From identifying women who published under male pseudonyms (Craig Rice) to what to read while I wait for the next Emma Viskic (Moonlight Downs), they had all the answers. Huge shop with more tucked out of sight.

paperback books by women

Common Books Book Cart

An entrepreneur does something new, in a way that works for them - not necessarily scaling up to sell out.

In London many small booksellers are entrepreneurs, but Common Books book cart on the Lower East Side takes the cake for their mission to sell their favourite books by women in low priced paperback editions - loving annotations considered a bonus.

Follow on Insta to find out when and where Common Books will be peddling, and look forward to an excellent book conversation.

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe & Bar

Housing Works is completely NYC. You will be ignored by many, chatted to by people who think you look exactly like their cousin, emboldened to nip in front of people to grab that collectible book on the "just arrived" cart. All while holding a coffee. An open secret, with regular sales and Tuesday discount day for librarians and many other types of special people.

Back in London soon! tickets available for next bookshops tour Soho to St James + behind the scenes at The London Library

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