London Bookshop Roundup

11 Nov 2019

|Bluestocking Books UK,

Welcome new readers and regular book fiends.  I've been exploring South and East London and am bursting to share three amazing bookshops, plus a book podcast. As always my recommendations are unsponsored and fresh. 


Bookshop with Art: South London Gallery

The South London Gallery is across two beautiful buildings in Camberwell, and has several shops - the main building bookshop is the one you're after. Staff here are incredibly friendly, with a real desire to share knowledge. The book and magazine selection is reminiscent of ArtWords, but with a local South London spin. Museum is free, cafe is delicious so this is a whole afternoon out. 


Bookshop with a Quest: Round Table Books

Inside Brixton Market, Round Table Books is co-located with the publishing company Knights of  They share a quest to bring representative, diverse books to children. The small and cheerful bookshop has a unique stock of books for children, with publishers working round a table in the back. Round Table Books has a shelf of free new books, so if you want to pay forward you can add an extra book to your pile of gifts and pop it on the shelf. 


Books that Float: Telling Tales

London's newest bookshop sells picture books from a magical modernist custom boat.  Telling Tales is a roving trader in East London, so check their website and Instagram to find out where they are moored. With a strong sense of design and what will appeal to children, this is a destination worth a walk along Regent's Canal. 


Podcast for knowledge and fun:  Slightly Foxed Episode 12 

This episode features Chris Saunders of Sotheran's, one of the oldest antiquarian bookshops in the world and a regular stop on my tours. Towards the beginning of the podcast Chris discusses the delightful vocabulary and practices of the antiquarian book trade. 


New Tours: I've been developing my own areas of expertise. In addition to tickets for scheduled public tours on 22 November, 7 and 13 December, you can contact me to book themed private tours: Women Owned Bookshops and Introduction to Book Collecting. Private tours are available for up 1-10 people and cost £100 if booked during 2019, £120 in 2020.


While this photo still makes me smile, I've hired a wonderful graphic designer, Esther Fairbairn, to update Bluestocking Books UK and have a colourful new array of leaflets and postcards to distribute. If you know a book-friendly business or venue where I could place my leaflets, or if you'd like a few to give to friends, please contact me .


All the best for a book-filled autumn; may the leaves of your books be evergreen.

Lauren, Bluestocking Books UK


PS, follow on twitter and Instagram if you want to hear more regular book news and about book-related travel outside London. Join the mailing list for newsletters like this.

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