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Tulips and book

I received this email yesterday - hopefully many of us feel like this and are supporting indie bookshops remotely now and looking forward to when they re-open:

"I am just emailing to say thank you so much for our book tour! ... I can tell you really know your stuff and you took us to some really interesting places! It gave us a real appreciation for the difficulties independent bookshops face at the moment and reminded me how great they can be! Now when I order books I’m making a real effort to avoid amazon and either go straight to a bookseller to ask them to post it or I’m ordering on hive where they give commission to local bookshops. It goes to show how great the tour was because usually I try and get books at the lowest price I can, but I now I think paying a bit more to support places where it’s actually nice to shop is more important than saving £2!"

I hope you are finding enjoyment and escape in books. I'd love to see book photos and recommendations via twitter or Instagram. Photos of tulips too.

Best wishes, Lauren

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