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Bryars and Bryars video visit

Hello book people! London Bookshops 1: Bryars and Bryars is first of a short series of ten minute interview with London booksellers. For those of you who've met him, you'll understand why I'm starting with Tim Bryars, offering a look inside his fabulous map and book shop. Dickens! Circulating Libraries! London Underground Maps!

This video is for everyone who has been on a walking tour of London bookshops with me and everyone who is dreaming of travel and being able to visit.

Here's to safe visits and online shopping with indie bookshops. Right now in mid-July the centre of London is much quieter than residential neighbourhoods, so if you can walk or bike in there is space on the pavements and in the shops.

Hosted by Lauren of Bluestocking Books UK, London bookshops walking tours.

With thanks to Bryars & Bryars for letting me learn by doing!

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