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Any Amount of Books Video Visit

Hello friends! London Bookshops 2: Any Amount of Books is the second in a series of video interviews with London booksellers, starring owner Gillian McMullan as the masked bookseller, with many many views of the shop's burgeoning shelves. Gillian showed me some books new to the shop, including a collection from a Faber & Faber editor and a collection from The Gay Hussar, a landmark restaurant in London. And we had wonderful book conversation, the part of my bookshop tours I am missing the most!

This video is for everyone who has been on a walking tour of London bookshops with me and everyone who is dreaming of travel and being able to visit. Here's to safe visits and online shopping with indie bookshops. Lately I've ordered from Gay's The Word, Broadway Bookshop and Libreria and have enjoyed keeping up the link with some of my favourite shops.

Hosted by Lauren LaTulip of Bluestocking Books UK

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