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Stanfords Video Visit

Happy Bookshop Day 2020! London Bookshops 3: Stanfords is the third in a series of video interviews with London booksellers, starring Chair and CEO Vivien Godfrey. Vivien is a third generation bookperson at Stanfords, and she shared recent developments plus discussion of famous map clients from Florence Nightingale to Winston Churchill, and even a mention in Sherlock Holmes. We had wonderful conversation about books with a sense of place, and trees and bees too...

This video is for everyone who has been on a walking tour of London bookshops with me and everyone who is dreaming of travel. Here's to safe visits and online shopping with indie bookshops. Lately I've ordered from GOSH comics and Tilted Axis Press and have enjoyed keeping up the link with some of my favourite shops. Keep reading your way through the autumn, and send me recommendations. xLauren

Hosted by Lauren LaTulip of Bluestocking Books UK

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